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Effective Dog Nausea Treatment - More Here

Effective Dog Nausea Treatment - More Here

Posted by Ian Koontz on Jun 29th 2020

Dogs are one of the most friendly, adorable, obedient, loyal, protective, and smartest animals in history. You would think that with their amazing qualities, the universe would have given them immunity from any illnesses. Truth be told, that dogs have been around for at least 10,000 years. These great qualities that they represent play a vital role in surviving humankind in the earlier years. Activities such as hunting, rituals, and things as simple as companionship. They are definitely a human's best friend!

Easy Essential Oil Recipe for Dog Nausea and Vomiting

Although it seems like dogs can survive about anything, unfortunately, they can also experience illnesses humans experience too. One of the most common illnesses dogs experience is nausea, just like you. There are many reasons as to how dogs experience this. In this article, we will tackle what causes their nausea, as well as a few remedies that can help ease the symptoms your furry friends are experiencing.

What Causes Nausea?

There is a wide range of factors as to why your dog is experiencing nausea. Your dog may be experiencing nausea because of a diet-related matter, the result of motion sickness, or eating too much food too quickly. There is a lot more to take into consideration. Here are a few common causes of why your dog is experiencing nausea:

  • Bacterial infection of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Diet-related causes (diet change, food intolerance, ingestion of garbage)
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Acute kidney failure
  • Acute liver failure or gall bladder inflammation
  • Pancreatitis
  • Post-operative nausea
  • Ingestion of toxic substances
  • Viral infections
  • Certain medications or anesthetic agents
  • Bloat
  • Heatstroke
  • Car sickness
  • Infected uterus
  • Pregnancy
  • Anxiety (Including separation anxiety)
  • Inflammatory bowel disease

Every responsible pet owner should first and foremost assess their dog and what they are experiencing. Some symptoms that cause your dog nausea may be treated at home, but there are some more serious symptoms that should be treated by a professional. One you notice anything different with your dog, do not be afraid to contact your local veterinarian.

It is best to treat your dog with home remedies when:

  • Your dog is bright and alert
  • Your dog has vomited once or twice and does not progress rapidly

Best Home Remedies For Dog Vomiting | Dogs Naturally

Home remedies for dogs experiencing nausea:

There are a few things readily available that are dog friendly and may help in making your dog feel better. If symptoms persist, take not of the treatments you have tried to give and seek a veterinarian.

  1. Pepto-Bismol: Pepto-Bismol contains aspirin, do not give if your dog has an allergy. Make sure to contact your veterinarian before giving any over-the-counter Pepto-Bismol.
  2. Electrolytes: Electrolytes are great for rehydration. Make sure the electrolytes you give to your dog doesn't contain artificial sweetener such as xylitol.
  3. Probiotics: Probiotics help soothe your dog's tummy and as well asl promote a healthy gut when taken on a daily basis.
  4. Ginger: Ginger is known to have an antiemetic effect by blocking serotonin receptors in the gut that causes nausea. Make sure that you are aware of the right amount of dosage.
  5. Massage: Like any normal human being, dogs love massages too. Give your dog a relaxing massage and all their anxieties will go away. Make sure that you do not massage too hard, it might cause for nausea to get worse.

When to go straight to the vet:

  • Your dog is acting lethargic
  • Your dog lacks an appetite
  • Your dog is repeatedly vomiting
  • Excessive drooling
  • There is blood in the stool, watery diarrhea
  • Your dog is experiencing old age

You should note that nausea can point to a more serious condition. Make sure that you have your eyes on your dog at all times. If your dog is acting in a way that is not normal, it is best advised to seek a veterinarian to prevent any serious illnesses or imbibe illnesses that are currently being experienced by your dog.

Drug Recommendations for Car Sickness and Nausea Control in Dogs

The cause of your dog's nausea that requires veterinary attention:

  1. Parvo - A potentially deadly virus found in puppies. It causes vomiting, bloody diarrhea with a foul odor, lethargy, and loss of appetite.
  2. Pancreatitis - May occur after eating a fatty meal. Dogs who experience this may need to fast.
  3. Gastroenteritis - A worrisome condition that gives your dog the very big burden of vomiting, bloody diarrhea, loss of appetite, and lethargy.
  4. Intestinal Blockage - This can occur when your dog has ingested a bone or foreign object.
  5. Bloat - If your dog tries to vomit but is unable to, it may be possible that they are experiencing bloat. Some causes of bloat includes eating or drinking too fast, high-fiber diets, or strenuous physical activities.
  6. Kidney or Liver Disease
  7. Food Poisoning - Your dog may have accidentally eaten food or items that are toxic to them.
  8. Inflammatory Bowel Disease - This is caused by allergies related to food.
  9. Stomach Ulcers - This is caused by plant intoxication.
  10. Parasites - Exposure to contaminated soil, water, feces, or food may be the cause of internal parasites. To prevent this from happening, make sure your dog has taken all their shots.

How To Prevent Canine Nausea

It is very important that you, the responsible pet owner should be aware of your dog's actions. To prevent anything from happening, you can take specific steps to keep your dog from experiencing nausea. Avoid feeding your dog immediately before care travel. Make sure that your dogs stick with dog food. Avoid spoiled food, food that has been stored in the refrigerator for more than 3 days, feeding your dog food rich in fats, sweets, processed meats, and seafood. This may be hard at first because some pet owners feed their dogs whichever they like but it is important that they eat the right kind of food for them to stay healthy.

Natural Treatments for Dogs

Natural remedies are often effective and can be used with any type of dog you own.

  • Lavender Oil
  • Catnip
  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Baking soda and Water
  • Hemp Supplements
  • Acidophilus Probiotic
  • CBD or Cannabidiol

Best CBD Dog Treats: That Worth Your Money | Tasteful Space

CBD Used for Nausea Treatment for Dogs

CBD has an important role in the world of medicine. Ever since it has become legal in most states in the United States and a few countries, there are more and more reasons why CBD is an amazing component that can treat anyone, even our dogs. Especially nausea. Research has shown that CBD is powerful and effective in preventing and suppressing nausea. It is also very safe and dog friendly.

CBD is a cannabinoid that communicates with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is responsible for multiple functions in the body. This system is an important part of the digestive process. This helps regulate the signaling and transmission of digestive biochemical substances in the body.

CBD can not only help encourage a dog to have an appetite, but it can also reduce any nausea associated with eating. CBD can also provide health benefits and can control the mood and pain of your dog. It is very safe and effective, and it is one of the most natural remedies that may help your dog from experiencing nausea. There are many options in which you can give CBD to your dog. Chewy treats, pure oil, capsules, ointment creams, and many more are available to this very date. Before giving anything else to your dog, make sure that you have had this conversation with your veterinarian. Although CBD is very safe, a go signal from a professional is very important. Especially when your dog's health is your priority.