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CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer - Can It Really Help?

CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer - Can It Really Help?

Posted by Ian Koontz on Aug 4th 2020

While research on the effects of CBD is still in its early stages, there now exists lots of anecdotal evidence that CBD can treat- or at least mitigate the effects- of conditions like chronic pain, anxiety, arthritis, and even the side effects of cancer and its treatments. That's well and good for humans, but does that mean it could help your precious furbabies with their pains and ills, even cancer?

An important thing to consider before diving into treating your pet's pain through CBD oil for dogs is that there have been no formal studies on the effects of cannabidiol, the compound found in cannabis and hemp, on animals specifically. On the other hand, another thing for pet owners to note is that commercially produced CBD, such as the kind that would be marketed towards pets, lacks delta-9-tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC)- the compound that gives marijuana the psychoactive properties that it is known for.

In an article posted by the American Kennel Club (AKC), AKC's Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Jerry Klein, vouches for the pain management effects CBD on dogs. Most CBD products available to the public are actually made from hemp, and not from marijuana. Because of this, hemp oil for dogs with cancer is one of the most endorsed strategies to treat chronic pain from cancer and other ailments that could befall your dog. Basically, you don't have to worry about your dog zoning out for hours, putting on a chillout playlist, and asking to be fed bags of treats afterwards.

The next question then becomes: what is the best CBD oil for dogs with cancer?

The Best CBD Oils for Dogs with Cancer

i. Spruce Dog CBD Oil

One of the most popular CBD oils for dogs, Spruce Dog CBD Oil is a full spectrum CBD product but bottled especially for dogs- however, similar to the human lab grade manufactured by the same company. Founded in 2018 in North Carolina, all of Spruce's cbd products are all natural and guaranteed to help manage pain symptoms in humans and dogs alike. The hemp seed oil carrier is switched out for coconut oil, which has a milder taste and is easier on your dog's digestion. Customer reviews are consistently great, which agree that it helps with pain relief and very easy on stomachs, and allows older, even dogs with chronic pain, to run around and play without worry.

ii. Nuleaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil

Nuleaf was founded in 2014 and based in Colorado, and has been creating high quality organic cannabidiol oil products ever since. Nuleaf also has the distinction of a production lab registered with the US Food and Drug Administration and inspected by the Colorado State Department of Public Health and Environment, and is one of the first CBD companies to be certified and above and beyond safe with an ISO 8 certified lab. It's recommended for optimizing wellness in dogs, contains no additives- which also means there are no flavors, so it may be difficult for first time users to take. Nuleaf products can help manage all sorts of pain symptoms, and even help with loss of appetite.

iii. cbdMD CBD Products for Pets

cbdMD is unique among the top products in that it offers a far more diverse range of products that includes gummies, capsules, sprays, topicals, vape oils, and of course, CBD oil for pets. They are transparent about their production process, and offers their products at competitive rates, making them widely affordable without compromising quality. cbdMD also prioritizes environmentally friendly production, and so use practices such as aquaponics and vermicomposting- the process of treating soil with compost and worms to boost quality organically- reducing their carbon footprint greatly. Their pet products are created to be at the same grade as their products intended for human consumption, so you can rest easy knowing that no expense was spared for your dog's wellness.

How Can I Treat My Dog's Cancer Naturally?

As a pet owner, your number one concern would be to make sure that your pets are living a comfortable life, free of any pain. Sometimes, those solutions come in organic, completely natural ways. One of the most popular ways to help pets treat pain and ills, including but not limited to cancer, is CBD oil. However, if dogs CBD is not your way, there are other methods to help your pet manage their pain.

i. Nutrition

For both humans and animals alike, diet is a huge factor in the treatment of all sickness, even cancer- holistic veterans actually endorse that pet owners improve the quality of their pets' food with organic, pasture-fed ingredients in their meals, which can inhibit the development of tumors. Switching to pasture-fed ingredients can help your dog fight cancer, as well as improve their overall health and wellbeing. There are studies that exist that prove that carbohydrates feed cancer cells, while fats do not. As such, adding foods rich in fat like flaxseed oil and cheeses can help your dog improve their diet and manage the development of cancer cells.

ii. Antioxidant Supplements

Antioxidants are naturally occurring substances that protect cells from damage and inhibit the development of tumors, found in foods like carrots, nuts, wheat germ, liver, egg yolks, grains, and leafy vegetables. It's important to feed your pets all-natural antioxidants, as synthetic vitamins can actually contribute to certain illnesses instead of prevent them. Be careful and take care to study your herbal supplements before feeding them to your dog, and for best results, utilize the antioxidants that naturally occur in food, rather than synthetic vitamins and products.

iii. Chinese Herbs & Acupuncture

Chinese medicinal practices have been reported as beneficial by human cancer patients and survivors alike, although no real scientific link has been established between recovery and Chinese treatment methods. Since the biology of cancer in humans and dogs have a close resemblance, it makes sense to assume that the treatments that help humans manage pain should work for dogs too. This mode of treatment, exclusive to Chinese veterinary medicinal perspective, benefits pets with cancer by supporting the strength of the immune system, reducing pain, increasing appetites diminished by medicine, pain or treatment, and helping dogs regain lost energy.

Will CBD Oil Help My Dog With Cancer?

Since CBD and medical marijuana are legitimate ways to manage pain from cancer and related illnesses, CBD oil for pets have also become a popular solution to chronic pain relief for dogs with cancer. Some studies conducted have concluded that since canine cancers closely parallel the biology of human cancer, the treatment of pain symptoms should be relatively similar.

According to most anecdotal records from pet owners that have used CBD oil on pets with chronic pain or cancer, CBD oil for dogs really does affect their quality of life for the better. CBD is popular among pet owners for its anti-inflammatory properties, anti-nausea effects, cardiac health benefits, appetite simulation, and anti-anxiety benefits- all of which may be suffered by a dog with chronic pain or cancer. From this, we can gather that CBD for dogs, even if not yet scientifically proven, really does positively affect their quality of life. CBD may help with pain management, to even mitigating the daily pain of cancer in dogs. While CBD oil may not shrink cancer cells, as no studies prove or disprove this yet, dogs with pain may feel relief from side effects through regular use of CBD products.

Before committing to any treatment style outside of pharmaceutical, especially when dealing with cancer cells or cancer in dogs, make sure to do your research on any and all side effects it may have on your precious pets. Use CBD for dogs, but also do so with care!