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Can Dogs Get High on CBD Oil? - Learn the Effects Here

Can Dogs Get High on CBD Oil? - Learn the Effects Here

Posted by Ian Koontz on Jun 29th 2020

Ask anyone what they think of when they hear the word cannabis and they'll automatically associate it with getting high. It's that feeling they remember, of being in a state where calmness overtakes and people just feel the weed take effect.

Beyond the calming feeling that marijuana is known for when used for recreational purposes, weed is also often used medicinally thanks to its anti-anxiety benefits. The therapeutic capabilities of medical marijuana meant that its used for the sake of temporary relieving pain and lessening the emotional distress one might be going through.

We would often treat pets as if they, too, are human. That may be the very reason why we often feel so close to them.

Pet owners have that soft spot reserved for their pets. More often than not, these animals are treated almost like an actual child, sometimes naming them as their best friend or baby, even treating them like they're truly part of the family. And like all responsible parents are protective of their own children, so are pet parents to their fur babies. Certainly, they will never put them in harm's way and would frequently even buy the best products for them (should their wallets agree!)

Again, like humans, pets also experience the same aches and discomfort. To name a few, there's arthritis, anxiety, seizures, and possibly the worst of all, cancer. Much like a parent wanting to ease their child's pain, some would try out other possible choices that are still scientifically proven to improve their ill health.

Cats, Canines, and Cannabis

Can your pets get high? Technically speaking, yes they can. Medical marijuana works on dogs, cats, and other animals. Weed exposure in animals takes place when they eat edibles and, in a few cases, inhale secondhand smoke. What's dangerous in an animal's accidental marijuana intake is an excessive amount of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC found in the drug.

How long will my dog be high, you might ask? Can my cat experience this, too? While pets don't stay high for more than 36 hours, it is still not favorable for them to be in that state. Of course, we wouldn't exactly know if doped felines or stoned dogs are actually enjoying. There have been cases where a dog was seen to be distressed rather than calmed when loaded. In fact, there are a lot of risks that come with giving your dog dabs, specifically when exposing them to large doses of marijuana. Unlike people, dogs may experience more intense effects of marijuana exposure. May this be a subtle reminder to everyone that smoking marijuana on your dog's face or near presence may cause adverse effects to your pets.

When suffering marijuana intoxication, a dog will appear uneasy due to low blood pressure, lower heart rate, and vomiting. High dogs might also have depression and dilated pupils. Should anyone find a high dog or cat, vets would recommend supportive care as a treatment to excessive marijuana consumption. While it's not particularly fatal, the risks that come with it are contrary to the benefits medical weed is taken for.Dogs and Marijuana Intoxication?

CBD Oil for Your (Fur) Baby?

A rising alternative to pet maladies is Cannabidiol (CBD) oils that are said to have the same impact as medical cannabis minus the psychoactive properties that are notably present in common marijuana. Unlike marijuana that has more pronounced effects on dogs, CBD oil is a safer alternative because its process eliminates the psychoactive element that could worsen a dog's condition.

Surely, deviating from standard medicine may be scary at first, but have no fear! CBD oil businesses are naturally mindful of the safety woes that make dog owners doubt. This is why rising brands ensure that their CBD oils are sourced from quality farms, void of pesticide, and chemical use.

Studies have proven that CBD oil alleviates pain without showing potential risk to dogs. It has been observed to provide relief and comfort, and that suffering of participating dogs have significantly lessened.

It may sound beyond the box, but do not fret! By using products that use CBD oil, your dog will not be inhaling hemp via smoke. CBD pet products are made by mixing CBD oil into treats for easier ingestion. This formula is made from organic hemp plants, free from additives or preservatives. This is why using CBD oil or pet treats with CBD oil is the most ideal way for a dog's cannabis intake.

CBD Oil Types

There are two types of CBD oils used in dog product formulas, and to easily understand the difference, it's better to look into what it's composed of. Full-spectrum CBD oil pertains to a type of CBD that includes all the components found in hemp plants such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and only small amounts of THC. THC is the factor that adds psychoactive features to medical marijuana. In another type of CBD called the broad spectrum oil, the main compounds are present in its formula except for THC.

Because CBD oil products have an inconsiderable or absolutely no trace of THC, rest assured that it will not get your dog high nor will dogs have mind-altering experiences commonly linked to marijuana. There will be fewer worries of your dogs having overexposure to harmful compounds because CBD's extraction process leaves little to no THC.

Still, as all animal-related questions go, it is still best to seek opinions from your trusted veterinarians to ease other worries especially since research and trusted opinions are important when dealing with your pets' health.

The Safest Option for Your Best Friend

Since more and more companies are making its name in the CBD oil industry, what makes InTune CBD greater than the rest, then? Compared to most CBD oil brands that use full-spectrum CBD oil, InTune uses broad-spectrum oils from farms with great-quality hemp plants. Like we talked about a few paragraphs back, broad-spectrum CBD contains no evidence of THC. That way, owners have no need to worry about their dogs having any trace of THC nor think about the possibility that their dogs would get high. Despite the lack of THC, dogs may still experience the relieving powers of CBD. First-time users will have less to second guess because their dogs are safe from the ugly consequences of marijuana.

Not only that, but InTune also makes CBD intake appealing for dogs by fusing it into appetizing dog treats. By incorporating peanut butter flavor into the CBD treat, dogs can benefit from its pain-relieving effects while also enjoying what they're munching on.

Handling medicinal marijuana may be scary at first for dog owners who would naturally have protectiveness over their pets. Luckily, InTune offers their formula's lab results and certificate of analysis on their website, as a way for owners to place confidence in the brand that the product is completely safe.

It's only normal for dog owners to feel worried at first. But with the help of research, science, and InTune CBD's third-party lab testing, may they feel encouraged to trust a brand that puts their dog's health of utmost importance.