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An Owner's Guide for the Best CBD Oil For Dogs

An Owner's Guide for the Best CBD Oil For Dogs

Posted by Ian Koontz on Jun 29th 2020

When your dogs look at you like you're the best person in the world, it's only right to try and give them the best life you can offer.

Safe to assume that if many pet owners unite and make a universal rule, it's to officially eliminate any kind of pain their animals can experience. Dog owners will sign on this rule because there's pain, too, in seeing their furry friends go through discomfort. After all, no one wants to see their best friend hurting.

A few of these health issues dogs encounter include joint pain and inflammation or osteoarthritis which is a common ailment that causes a limit on a dog's physical movements. And just like any other human, a dog can also suffer from stress, anxiety, and even chronic seizures. Be it physical or emotional distress, pet owners seek for their dogs' treatment and other alternatives to try and relieve them of their ill condition.

It's a different ache to know that your dog is hurting, and it could feel like there's only little you can do about it. Some medications might even pose greater safety concerns, and may also cause a dent on the bank account. But fear not -- studies have expanded the possible choices of pain relievers for dogs, and it may be far from what you've expected!

How CBD Oil Products Work for Pets

An increasingly rising alternative for traditional medication is Cannabidiol (CBD) dog treats, which are made with tinctures CBD oil. Extracted from hemp plants, these all-natural oils contain cannabinoids that are known to have therapeutic effects on the user once taken. Hemp or CBD oil can also be mixed in products that a pet can easily intake, paving the way for the creation of dog treats.

Much like how hemp products provide relief for humans, a dog benefits from CBD products since these were proven to ease its pain without showing significant side effects. Among the benefits of CBD are its anti-anxiety effects and temporary relieving function when it comes to chronic discomfort. Based on a study seen on the Frontiers in Veterinary Science journal, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that were shown to help in reducing a dog's joint discomfort or osteoarthritis and contribute to improving their mobility.

Just watch out for the amount of CBD oil a product contains. It's good to know whether it has the amount of CBD your pet could handle. The oil dosages can vary and so will its potency. To be extra careful, it's better to check your pet's body weight beforehand.

Maybe you're second-guessing if your dog will remain safe. But have no worries, pet parents! Cannabinoids are different from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which have psychoactive elements and can cause mind-altering effects. Because of the lack of THC, you can breathe easy knowing that CBD, despite being a hemp-based product, won't get your dogs high.

Plus, they meant it when they said: "don't panic, it's organic." What's great about CBD products is that they are derived from organic hemp plants, and so owners would never have to worry if it contains additives or preservatives. So you can rest assured that your four-legged friends are safe from any harmful aftereffect.

Choosing the Best CBD Oil

A relatively growing industry in the market, CBD oil has gained traction for fur parents. But from the many available options, how does one choose which product has the best CBD oil for dogs?

One must always ask: aside from the CBD oil, what else does it have?

Like all smart buyers, owners should consider the ingredients used in making the product. They must ensure that it doesn't consist of toxic chemicals or pesticides. Also be on the lookout for its THC levels, since CBD treats should ideally be free of THC but having less than 0.3 percent is considered good enough. In choosing the best hemp oil for dogs, the CBD oils would ideally have little to no amount of THC, meaning the best CBD products do not induce mental repercussions. Again, you don't want your pet to get high!

In the list of CBD oil for dogs to choose from is NuLeaf Naturals, which is known to sell products at a relatively more affordable price. Based on its oil composition, the brand falls under the full-spectrum CBD oil. This means that the product may have other compounds such as Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG), and tiny tinges of THC. The infusion of the said compounds boosts the CBD oil's potency, affecting the whole body.

Other owners would try out Honest Paws' CBD treats for its flavor range. Despite being on the expensive side compared to others, the company is said to use non-GMO hemp plants for their oils. Falling under the same category as NuLeaf Naturals, this brand also has increased efficiency in terms of performing its function.

But what's our top pick?

InTune CBD Dog Treats

For optimum safety, InTune CBD proves to offer the best CBD oils for dogs without sacrificing any important criteria. Unlike those mentioned above, InTune CBD products differ from the type of CBD oil it uses. Because InTune CBD uses broad-spectrum CBD extract, major cannabinoids are present in the product except for THC. Thanks to its broad-spectrum CBD from quality hemp sources, it still produces its calming effect and upholds its promise that all of its CBD products are completely void of potential psychoactive issues.

To further prove that InTune CBD falls under having the best CBD oils category, we must see how it values its users, especially our furry best friends. Aside from the general benefits, CBD treats to give, InTune CBD also got one more thing right: the taste. We can all agree that the best CBD products are the ones that dogs would actually like eating. It's one thing to have health benefits, but if your dog hates its tastes, he won't have them. It'll sadly remain to lie on the floor, uneaten.

Designed perfectly for dogs, CBD treats from InTune tastes a lot like peanut butter and with no doubt at all, you know your pets will enjoy this! Not only does its CBD products take into consideration whether dogs would enjoy the treat, but the brand also uses organic coconut oil which is said to be easier for their digestion. Talk about being dog-centered, am I right?

However, it is still important to consult with your veterinarian and check for users' opinions when it comes to CBD use. It is certainly difficult seeing your pet deal with what they're going through, so in-depth research on CBD and other cannabinoids are essential in order to not cause them further discomfort.

Luckily, InTune CBD understands how big the owner's trust in them has to be to buy their CBD products especially as this involves the overall health of their clients' pets. This is precisely why the company conducted third-party lab testing to confirm its formulation results of CBD treats. The certificate of analysis is also available on their website to ensure its consumers of InTune's CBD safety. It's the transparency that makes you put your trust. Indeed, the company makes sure that dogs get only the highest quality of products with low-risk.

When your dog looks at you like you're the best person, you try and not disappoint. You give them a high-quality life.

Only the best for your good dog!