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Reading and Understanding Lab Results

At InTune, our confidence stems from our quality farmers and lab formulation. That being said, we still believe it’s necessary to verify our chemist’s results with 3rd Party Testing. Not only is it important to purchase from a company that validates their information, but we take it a step further by testing our completely formulated product and provide you an informational breakdown below. Testing the completed formulation (opposed to just the CBD) offers a deeper look into the products we provide so you can buy with confidence.

Terms commonly associated with Lab Reports


Not Detected


Limit of Detection


Limit of Quantification


Grams per Milliliter


Milligrams per Gram


Not Tested

Lab Results should contain all of the information needed to see if a product holds up the claims made by the company. Here you can make sure that the dosage matches what has been said and actually get an inside look at the content of the product. You can see the CBD content as well as the THC and other compounds like CBG, CBDv, CBA, and many more. These are all compounds that change the type of product. Whether that's a full spectrum, broad spectrum, or an isolate. A full spectrum CBD product will have THC in the final product. There is no way a product can be THC free and full spectrum at the same time. That is impossible since having THC is what makes it full spectrum. A broad spectrum product is the entire plant with all the compounds found on the lab results, but it is THC free. So, if a product is labeled as a full spectrum THC free product, it is most likely a broad spectrum that has been miss labeled. If they miss labeled their own product, who knows what else is incorrect. Finally, an isolate is pure CBD. There are no other compounds in the finished product. This makes it much weaker compared to its entire plant counter parts, but still serves its own purpose in the CBD family. The lab results are the best and fastest way to determine exactly what is getting put in your body. Before you make a purchase, always check the lab tests and make sure there are no corners being cut.


250 Sweet Mint COA


500 Sweet Mint COA


1000 Sweet Mint COA


1500 Sweet Mint COA


250 Orange Cream COA


500 Orange Cream COA


1000 Orange Cream COA


1500 Orange Cream COA

Orange Cream

Orange Cream Soft Chews COA

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry Soft Chews COA

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Soft Chews COA


Strawberry Soft Chews COA

5mg & 10mg

5mg and 10mg Broad Spectrum CBD Dog Treat Lab Reports

If you are looking for CBD and want to look through our lab results, all you need to do is go to the product you are interested in and click the lab results tab found at the bottom of the page. It's all located in the same spot on every product. We won't hide our lab results behind some purchase wall or a code you have to scan. CBD can have some amazing properties to it, and we want to share those properties with everyone. In the same breath we do insist on people doing their research. There are a lot of people that are going to take advantage of people who don’t have the knowledge on CBD. We want to spread awareness for CBD and get everybody the tools they need to make the right decision when it comes to CBD.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and we will answer every questions as best as we can!